When you shred 1,600 pounds of spring onions each week to accompany the 65,000 roasted ducks you sell per year garnishes are not an afterthought. That’s why the owners of Peking Gourmet Inn in Falls Church also own and operate the 133-acre Grass Roots Farm in Purcellville, where a staff of three grows the jumbo spring onions, along with garlic sprouts, leeks and Napa cabbage exclusively for the restaurant. Every crop is harvested by hand, and the fresh produce is delivered twice a week. Farming has long been a second vocation for the Tsui family, which started out cultivating 40 acres in Centreville before moving its agricultural venture to Purcellville in the late 1980s.

Beyond our biggest cities, seeking out the best Chinese restaurants in America can be like looking for needles (or better yet, noodles) in a haystack, only to find yourself grasping at straws. No doubt the entire history of the Chinese immigrant experience in America can be glimpsed in the fact that the best restaurants for Chinese food are likely to be mom-and-pop affairs that don’t cater to Westerners—they’re a little like our best Mexican restaurants in that way.

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When a restaurant owner can lure District residents out to the Virginia suburbs for repeat visits, chances are pretty good they’ll have some staying power. When you can count the revolving residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as regulars, confidence is high that restaurant will flourish—just ask the wildly-successful Tsui clan, the hard-working proprietors of Culmore’s renowned Peking Gourmet Inn.

Founder Eddie Lun Kwai Tsui opened his Szechuan-style eatery with a plan to make his tender, roast Peking duck the toast of the town. Almost 30 years later, his children, Robert (general manager) and George (head chef), continue a proud tradition that has attracted every sitting president dating back to the George H.W. Bush administration.

The team from “Off The Great Wall” reviews the Peking Gourmet Inn in their “Best Peking Duck in the U.S.” Episode.

Watch the full episode featuring our legendary Peking Duck and other delicious dishes!


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