Zagat is the world’s original provider of user-generated content. In 1979, Nina and Tim Zagat were at a dinner party with friends. During the meal, one of the dinner guests started complaining about the restaurant reviews of a major newspaper. Everyone agreed that the paper’s reviews were unreliable.

It was at that moment Tim suggested taking a survey of their friends. This led to 200 amateur critics rating and reviewing 100 top restaurants for food, décor, service and cost. The results, printed on legal-sized paper, were an instant success with copies being scooped up all over town.

Today, Zagat surveys passionate locals about the places that matter to them most. Zagat’s curated ratings and reviews—available on all digital platforms—help users cut through the clutter to find the perfect spot every time. Its accuracy and reliability has made Zagat a name that consumers can trust — even if they aren’t sure how to pronounce it.

With a worldwide network of passionate surveyors, that collective voice forms the foundation of Zagat’s success. The company is deeply grateful to the millions of consumers who have generously shared their experiences over the past 34 years.